Diamond Color


Color is a translation of the human eye to the light waves which are reflected from an object back to the eye.

Color grade refers to the presence or absence of body color of a Diamond. The diamond is graded by comparing it to a set of master comparison diamonds in a specific lighting and viewing conditions.

Color grading must be precise and represent the range between the different colors. Every Diamond is graded by comparing it to a set of master diamonds of established color value in specific lightning and viewing conditions.

The master set contains diamonds arranged alphabetically, according to the amount of color displayed from D (colorless) to M (faint). For highly saturated colors, Very Light and Light grades are used. The Light grade represents the bottom of the color range. Diamonds which display a color intensity deeper than Light are called Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Unless the diamond's color is a noticeable non-yellow, the EGL Platinum Report does not indicate the hue of a diamond.


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