Laser Inscriptions

Microscopic laser inscription services on diamonds and colored stones are provided by the EGL Platinum laboratory. The laser inscription processes carried out by experts using a state-of-art 'cold laser'-technology instrument. The inscription is usually performed on the gem's girdle, however it can be done placed anywhere according to the client’s preference.

The laser inscription service offers the client the option to add the EGL Platinum's report number, the client’s own text and/or a company or brand logo.

An inscription of EGL Platinum's report number gives the client an additional means to compare and identify the gem and to associate it with the accompanied report.

A customized inscription, ordered by the client, allows one to add a dedication to the gem (e.g. 'to a specific beloved one Happy 25th Anniversary!') or to promote a company or brand name (e.g. 'My Diamonds Ltd.').

course diamond 2.jpglaser 1.jpg
The inscription together with its image is stated on the EGL Platinum's issued report. course diamond 2.jpglaser 2.jpg
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