Diamond Grading Course

Diamond Grading Course

Diploma title: E.G.L. Diamond Grader

Duration: 30 3-hour meetings and unlimited practical exercise time. Overall hours: at least 90 clock hours.

Main topics:

1. Diamonds- introduction: underground process, production methods.
2. The diamond crystal: identification of the crystal and molecular structure.
3. Processing: cleaving, sawing and polishing steps.
4. Ideal proportions: proportions meaning, projection on stones' beauty, sparkle, fire, life and finish.
5. Fancy cut stones: different shape cuts.
6. Gemological equipment: working with the microscope, loupe and UV lighting.
7. Clarity: grading the diamonds according to international labs grading methods.
8. Color: grading color using "master" stones.
9. Identification of treated stones: laser drilled, feather filled etc…
10. Diamond imitations: learn about stones which are used as a diamond imitation.

course diamond 2.jpgcourse diamond 1.jpg
11. Pricing: learning how to calculate the price of a diamond according to the "Rapaport" guide.
12. Laboratory: exercise on up to 120 diamonds with the use of gemological equipment and eye estimation.
13. Diamonds trading: sources, manufacturing centers, trading centers, the stock market and diamond investments.

Graduation: upon successful completion of mandatory theoretical and practical tests.

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