Gemology Course

Gemology Course

Diploma title: E.G.L. Gemologist

Duration: 30 3-hour meetings and unlimited practical exercise time. Overall hours: at least 90 clock hours.

Main topics:

1. Gemology introduction: the appearance of precious stones in nature and the criteria for gem definition.
2. Crystallography: different crystallizing methods, identifying crystals by using different characteristics.
3. Hardness: "MOH" scale of hardness.
4. Optics: light angle refractions, the "Refractometer", double refraction, the "Polariscope", polarization types etc…
5. Spectroscopy: color factors, spectrum and stone fluorescence.
6. Specific gravity: definition, hydrostat method, heavy solutions and weight units.
7. Inclusions: inclusion types, inclusions which characterize specific stones from different sources,
8. Optical phenomenon: "asterism", "cats' eye", moon stone and more.
9. Laboratory: practical exercise with hundreds of precious and semi precious stones using gemological equipment.

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10. The main stones:
Corundum: Ruby + Sapphire; Beryl: Beryl + Emerald; Other precious and semi-precious stones: the student will learn about 40 other gems and the differences between natural and synthetic ones.
11. Organic materials: pearl, amber, ivory, tortoise shell, jet and coral
12. Trade: Sources, productions, the "Burse" and precious stones investments.

Graduation: upon successful completion of mandatory theoretical and practical tests.
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